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Academic Price available

GHL 2D Version

2D Price List
CPU LicenseSite License
Distribution License20,000yen

GHL 3D Version

3D Price List
CPU LicenseSite License
Distribution License60,000yen

Royality for GHL Applications


2D Version
Supports GHL functions for 2D shapes.
3D Version
Supports all GHL functions, including 2D Version.
CPU License
This license allows the use of GHL on the machine specified in the license agreement. The use on the network is not allowed.
Site License
This license allows the use of GHL to a developing group or a user group. The site is defined in the license agreement, and the use inside this site is free. If GHL is planned to be used on more than four CPUs, the site license will be less expensive.
Binary License
This is the binary code license for the platform, specified on purchase. This license is available for the environment of Windows + Visual C++.
Source License
This is the C source code license, and the user can freely generate binary codes from the source code.
Technical Support
Technical query is accepted only via e-mail.
Distribution License
This license allows the licensee to distribute the GHL applications to third parties. This license is the registration fee as GHL application distributor by its nature, and need to be paid only once for one application product.
When the Distribution License licensee delivers GHL applications to third parties, the licensee is asked to pay royality for each sold copy of the GHL application. The amount of royality and the payment method are determined through the negatiation, considering each user's specific situations.

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