PML:What We Do?

We founded our company to develop basic tools for making new digital information media, by expressing human knowledge as "Computer Models". We are not limitting ourselves within the conventional CAD world, but are looking wider range of shape processing. Naturally, we are also committed ourselves to Electronic Publishing, in its widest meanings.

However the philosopy might be long range and profound, the very first step should always be practical and executable. In that sense, we are concentrating our first efforts to the knowledge about "SHAPE". That is, we provide with reliable tools for SHAPE ENGINEERs, who are in charge of any kind of shape design activities using the computer power.

The needs for the computer shape processing will be increasing in the future. Professional shape engineers will want more precise and flexible expression of shapes, while ordinary computer users will need simple and natural handling of shapes. The suppliers of software tools should address these needs properly. However, it requires tremendous amount of efforts to keep in touch with the continuously advancing research works of shape processing. It takes time to develop stable and acceptable applications. Accordingly, the shape processing applications require a reliable and portable component package, on which they can be built with their specific parts.

Precision Modeling Laboratory, Inc. will constantly provide the software developers and users with the latest and well-defined shape processing technologies.

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